Next Step Careers offer bespoke graduate training to make candidates more employableto the UK’s leading graduate employers.

Next Step Careers training workshops are designed to enhance all aspects of employability including:


Leading Graduate Schemes receive thousands of applications. Employers will use CV’s and Application forms to build their first impression of you, so it’s vital to get it right.

Our workshops will ensure that your CV, Cover Letter & Application Forms are distinctive and memorable, demonstrate your professional experience and highlight your most relevant skills in the way graduate employers recognise.


With over half a million graduates every year searching for employment after university, how do you make your own story memorable?

Our graduate training will help you design a unique elevator pitch to sell your skills to employers. Next Step Careers will ensure your presentation and communication styles are dynamic and fluid and that you are comfortable and confident engaging with employers in a corporate environment.


Leading graduate schemes use Psychometric and Situational Judgement testing to filter their applications by up to 60%. This demanding stage of the recruitment process requires both practice and preparation.

Psychometric and Situational Judgement tests provide a fair way of comparing different candidates’ strengths regardless of educational background.

Our graduate training will provide practical guidance, insight into the specific tests employers use and how you can get your scores above the national benchmark.


Assessment centres are a regular feature of the recruitment process for graduate schemes. On average one in three students will be rejected at this stage of the recruitment process.

Our graduate training will advise on the types of assessment centres employers use, what skills graduate schemes require and how to ensure you make vital contributions.


To secure any role you will need to set yourself apart from the competition. Interviews play a key part in both early and latter parts of an application process. Early stage interviews filter applications by up to 30%. Final stage interviews identify the top 5% of applicants.

Our graduate workshops will help you to secure the position you deserve. The training will cover the various types of interviews you are likely to encounter, specific questions leading employers will ask you and how you can give the best possible account of yourself.